Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Bombed The Big Balls

What an awesome day it was today for Purl Gurl -J aka Knitting Ninja. So here is my story.
So I knew I would have a bit of a wait. So I filled my time with chatting with fellow WipeOuters and Knitting I had decided I would do a small Yarn Bomb while I waited. I had some left over lady bugs from my first bomb so I decided to would knit some leaves. Once I was doing this I put it all together and attached it to a log which was part of our tent structure. Once I was called I went out to the waiting tent and did some more waiting. They wanted me to run last. I was happy to be the last. The reason being is they had planned on putting the cozy on the 4th Big Ball. As I walked up to the top of the hill to get ready to run the course I could see them bringing the Cozy up to the platform for the rope swing. OMG this is really going to happen I am gonna have my Cozy on the Big Balls. One of the crew leap over to the Big Ball and then the other guy threw it over to him. As the Cozy covered the Ball I could feel my eyes begining to well up. What a thrill for me. Shortly after that I heard the horn and off I the rest of the story you will have to see when my Episode Airs in spring of 2011.
But enjoy the pictures that I do have to show for an awsome day. Enjoy!!!!

The Knitting Ninja Does Her Stuff

Waking up in Argentina yesterday morning was amazing! We were up very early and on a bus out to the WipeOut course. The sky was very over casted when we got there. Once they got us all together they took us out and showed us the Qualifier and told us what we could and could not do.
Then it was back to the tent to wait. We each did what they call a profile which is just us acting silly no verbal and that was alot of fun it gave The " Knitting Ninja" a chance to have some fun. Then after that it was off to do our interviews with Jessica who is the Canadian Female host for the show. She is wonderful and funny and gets right into it with you. That is when I presented them with the Cozy and her Hat which she wore. The Cozy finally got its 15 seconds of fame. I also talked about our Lethbridge Area Stitch and Bitch group. The whole time we are out there waiting or talking to Jessica it is thunder and lightening which was kind of scary. Thats when the Will We or Won't we kept poping into my head. Then it was back to the tent for more waiting. We then did our still shots and by then it had been pouring buckets for 2 hours off and on. The finally decided to just get us to do our shout out at the top of the cource and then it was back to the Hotel.
But this morning the Knitting Ninja is ready to go. So far I have not been nervous at all so we will have to wait and see what happens today

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodness Gracious( Great Big Balls) of Yarn?

Today I start a Journey I never though I would be going on. Purl Gurl -J other wise know as "The Knitting Ninja" was chosen back in August to film and Episode of WipeOut Canada. I had to keep it a secret up until recently. But during my time of secrecy I was busy crafting what I hope will be my BIGGEST! yarn bomb to date.

For weeks I worked on this project other wise know to a few as Operation Big Red. Which is the code name for Big Ball Cozy.
I am hoping that while I am in Argentina Filming WipeOut Canada that they will let me Yarn Bomb one of the Big Balls and take pictures. Would that not be the Ultimate TAG!!!
Durring my time down there I will keep you all posted and what I can share with you I will but for now you will just have to hold on to your Knitting Needles and wait.