Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goodness Gracious( Great Big Balls) of Yarn?

Today I start a Journey I never though I would be going on. Purl Gurl -J other wise know as "The Knitting Ninja" was chosen back in August to film and Episode of WipeOut Canada. I had to keep it a secret up until recently. But during my time of secrecy I was busy crafting what I hope will be my BIGGEST! yarn bomb to date.

For weeks I worked on this project other wise know to a few as Operation Big Red. Which is the code name for Big Ball Cozy.
I am hoping that while I am in Argentina Filming WipeOut Canada that they will let me Yarn Bomb one of the Big Balls and take pictures. Would that not be the Ultimate TAG!!!
Durring my time down there I will keep you all posted and what I can share with you I will but for now you will just have to hold on to your Knitting Needles and wait.

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