Monday, November 14, 2011

Sorry I have been Absent :(

Hi all I first want to say that I am sorry for been absent these past few months but sometimes life gets in the way of stuff we love to do and that is precisely what has happened to me and my yarn bombing.
But I still Love seeing all the wonderful pictures people post on Facebook of the wonder things they have done.  Many things have happened in my life sense June 11th.  I suffered a bit of yarn bombing burn out.  Yeah I know how could the possibly happen but it did for me.  When you eat sleep and breath something everyday for 6 months and then its finished all of a sudden you crash and that's exactly what happened to me.  Then in late June I found my son a Therapist  so many of my days were busy working with them getting him into a routine  my youngest son Jobe was diagnosed last year with Autism.  So I had a bit to juggle and then well once school was done my days became full of back yard fun with the boys.  Oh yeah and then probably the biggest thing that has distracted me from my yarnbombing happened in August.  I was bitten by a nasty bug...yes you heard me a nasty bug.  Called Spinning!!! I found my self rather quickly hooked on spinning my own fiber with first a drop spindle and then with a wheel.  It has become my new passion not that I have lost my passion for yarnbombing that will never happen I can assure you of that.  But Spinning seems to help me when I really need to recenter myself after a busy day.   But don't fret I have been working on a new yarnbombing project to roll out sometime durring the winter here in Snowy Southern Alberta so stay tunned to my Blog in the next few weeks :)

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  1. I understand :) and really it's important to respect one's creative needs and more importantly your families and feeling centered. Sending best wishes from Yellow Springs, Ohio