Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting a Team Together

Its one thing to yarnbomb on your own but its fun to have sidekicks.  My sidekick Purl Gurl -A and I have know each other for about 3 years now but in the knitting/crochet relationship im the real yarnbomber.  But up until the last few weeks its just been us but now there are four of us.  So let me introduce the team to you.  As most of you know me if you read the Blog I am Purl Gurl -J or better know as "The KnittingNinja"  Purl Gurl -A is know as"The Cast -On- Queen , Purl Gurl -K who is new to yarnbombing but has been knitting with us for a bit now is called  "YarnAholic and our newest member not only to our knitting group but to knitting as well is Purl Gurl -M also know as " KnitFlunky hehehehe Newbies gotta love them.  So thats our Crew!!

Three of us girls meet for coffee on a Thursday night and decided to do some yarnbombing as well.  Nothing like and Espresso to get ya all wired up to go yarnbombing.  While we prepared our stuff for installation and chatted about yarn some of us(YarnAholic) bought that night before we got together we discussed the finer points of where to put this fabulous new piece of work we were creating.  The target this evening would be a Bus Stop Shelter Bench who wouldn't want to sit on a nicely knitted bench cozy instead of cold metal.  We had the "Newbie" KnitFlunky help out with that while YarnAholic crocheted up a few more flowers for us.  We knew it was time to get going and do our thing when the ladies in the coffee shop started mopping the floor and turnning off the lights.  So off we went I knew where there was one shelter for sure that could use a nice warm cozy.  Once we got there I had our "Newbie" KnitFlunky take the pictures you see here so do you all think she should be our offical photographer for the team I think she did a pretty good job :)  More Bus Stop Bench Cozies to come I promise.
PS Purl Gurl -A " Cast - On- Queen was sick that night but is feeling much better


  1. Love the bus stop seat cosy :-)

  2. I love it! its so bright. I bet people are very surprised to see it first thing in the morning.

  3. I am Happy to say that as of Easter Monday the Cozy was still on the bench

  4. Hey Girls, One of the lifeguards here at Stan Siwik pool. Your little yarn bomb in the family change room was super cute...unfourtunately it's on a surface that we have to sanitize every I had to take it down :( Please keep up the good work though! It's nice to see the world getting a little more cozy.