Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fiber + Friends = Fun!

Whats a good thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Well if you are fiber enthusiast like the Purl Gurls are you do fiber stuff you could Knit, Crochet or maybe even spin some fiber and thats what we did a few weeks back.  We got together with Purl Gurl K @ her house and enjoyed an afternoon of Spinning.  I started spinning with a Drop Spindle about a month ago and found it quite enjoyable.  Purl Gurl K had advanced from a Spindle to a new Spinning Wheel that she had just gotten few weeks earlier.  And Purl Gurl A was about to get her first taste of this Fiber Art.  With her Birthday coming up the end of May me and Purl Gurl K figured we would get her her very own drop spindle and some beautiful fiber to spin. She was quite please and took to spinning on her new drop spindle like a duck takes to water.  We had a wonderful fiber filled afternoon that day I even got a chance to try Purl Gurl K's wheel but I am a long ways from being skilled enough for that for now ill just stick to my drop spindle.


  1. One of my critique group members showed us how to use a turkish spindle the other day. I drooled over her yarns, so YUMMY. She is an a shibori expert and dyer (I think that's how you say it).

    It's great to have such good sidekicks and friends, yes! Love what you are doing.

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